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Luke Simcock

change formatting on a grid, add colours, bold, add links
by Luke Simcock

wrap text inside a grid with formatting or make into a URL link etc

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gridDatasheet.attachEvent("onFormatCellValue", function(pParameters){
	if ((pParameters.fieldName === 'RiskRating') || (pParameters.fieldName === 'EvalRiskRating')) {
		if (pParameters.value !== null) {
			pParameters.value = "<div style='background-color:" + GetColourCode(pParameters.value) + "; font-weight: bold;'>"+pParameters.value+"</div>";

// function for Actions
gridActions.attachEvent("onFormatCellValue", function(param){
	if (param.fieldName === 'Status') {
		if (param.value !== null) {
			param.value = "<div style='background-color:" + GetColourCode(param.dataRow.ColourIndex.toString()) + ";'>"+param.value+"</div>";

function GetColourCode(vCode) {
	var vColour;

	if (vCode === '1') {
		vColour = "#FF3300"; // red
	} else if (vCode === '2') {
		vColour = "#FFFF00"; // yellow
	} else if (vCode === '3') {
		vColour = "#99CC00"; // green
	} else {
		vColour = ""; // white
	return vColour;

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