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//es necesario que ya este abierta la conexion
$cnx = new mysqli("host","user","pass","dbName");

class login{
    var $result;
    private $db;
    function __construct($username,$password){
        global $cnx;
        $this->db = $cnx;
        if(!isset($username) || !isset($password)){
            $cmd = "SELECT * FROM usuarios WHERE username = '{$username}' AND password = '{$password}'";
            $query = $this->db->query($cmd);
            if($query->num_rows == 1){
                $this->result = "Datos Correctos.";
                $_SESSION['sessionUser'] = $username;
                return true;
                $this->result = "Datos incorrectos";
                return false;
    private function escapar($string){
        return $this->db->real_escape_string($string);


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