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Catherine Stevens

match on first instance of letter range
by Catherine Stevens

will return 5 cuz 5 is the character # of the first instance of a letter in t-z. it uses the ASCII codes so uppercase A-Z goes first and then lowercase a-z.

adding an * after the brackets indicates looking for any number of those letters.

adding a number in {} after the brackets indicates that you want to find that number of characters in a row

adding a \b on either end indicates looking for it on a word boundary, which means

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var myString = "The brownbrown brown fox jumps";
var offset =;
alert(offset);          // 0

var myString = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog";
var offset =[t-z]/);
alert(offset);          // 5

var myString = "The brownbrown brown fox jumps";
var offset =\b[a-z]{5}\b/);
alert(offset);          // 15

var myString = "my zip is 01720-1234 what is yours?";
var offset =\b[0-9]{5}(?:-[0-9]{4})?\b/);
alert(offset);          // 10

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