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Console Error lightbox_html is not defined

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// Just a long list of vars, ugly, but it does the job
var lightbox_html, lightbox_photo,
lightbox_transition, lightbox_speed,
lightbox_fadeOut, lightbox_width,
lightbox_height, lightbox_initialWidth,
lightbox_innerWidth, lightbox_maxWidth,
lightbox_initialHeight, lightbox_innerHeight,
lightbox_maxHeight, lightbox_scrolling,
lightbox_opacity, lightbox_overlayClose,
lightbox_escKey, lightbox_arrowKey, lightbox_top,
lightbox_bottom, lightbox_left, lightbox_right,
lightbox_fixed, lightbox_closeButton, lightbox_fastIframe,
lightbox_open, lightbox_reposition, lightbox_loop,
lightbox_slideshow, lightbox_slideshowAuto, lightbox_slideshowSpeed,
lightbox_slideshowStart, lightbox_slideshowStop,
lightbox_retinaImage, lightbox_retinaUrl, lightbox_retinaSuffix,
lightbox_previous, lightbox_next, lightbox_returnFocus,
lightbox_trapFocus = "";

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