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Looking for a scripting solution for COLLECT FILES (040716)—this one does something

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Watchfolder.js v1.0
By bernie @

This script is a simple palette to automatically send your after effects file to be processed by the watchfolder
In essence it's a simplified Collect Files > Project only.
watchfolderLocation = "none";
watchfolderLocation = (app.settings.haveSetting("watchfolderPrefs", "watchfolderLocation"))?(app.settings.getSetting("watchfolderPrefs", "watchfolderLocation")):watchfolderLocation;

function sendToWF(wf){
        var c = confirm(" needs to be saved first. Save ?",false,"Save Project");
        var saved = app.project.file.toString();
            var curFile =;
            curFile = curFile.substring(0,curFile.length-4);
            var myFolder = new Folder(wf+"/"+curFile+"_watch/");
            curFile += "_watchfolder";
            var mySaveFile = new File(myFolder.toString()+"/"+curFile+".aep");        
            var myTextFile = new File(myFolder.toString()+"/"+curFile.substring(0,22)+"_RCF.txt");    
            var text = "After Effects 10.0v1 Render Control File\nmax_machines=5\nnum_machines=0\ninit=0\nhtml_init=0\nhtml_name=\"\"\n" ;
            var opFile = new File(saved);
            writeln("Sent to watchfolder...");            
function setWatchFolder(){
        var y = confirm("Watchfolder is currently set to \n\n\""+watchfolderLocation+"\"\n\nChange it ?");
            var v = Folder.selectDialog ("New watchfolder location").toString();
            if(v!=null && v!="undefined"){
                app.settings.saveSetting("watchfolderPrefs", "watchfolderLocation",v);     
                watchfolderLocation = v;
 function watchFolderUI(thisObj){
    pan = (thisObj instanceof Panel) ? thisObj : new Window("palette", "Watchfolder", [100, 100, 300, 300]);
    var securitySetting = app.preferences.getPrefAsLong("Main Pref Section", "Pref_SCRIPTING_FILE_NETWORK_SECURITY");
    if (securitySetting != 1) {
        pan.add("statictext",[15,15,300,45],"Set prefs and re-launch");
        alert("You need to check \"Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network\" in your preferences for this script to work");
                var res = 
            "group { \
                        alignment: ['fill','fill'], \
                        alignChildren: ['fill','top'], \
                        orientation: 'column', \
                            setWF: Button {text: 'Set watchfolder' ,preferredSize:[-1,30]} , \
                            sendWF: Button {text: 'Send To Watchfolder' ,preferredSize:[-1,30]} , \
            pan.grp = pan.add(res);        
            pan.grp.setWF.onClick = function () {
            pan.grp.sendWF.onClick = function () {
            pan.onResizing = pan.onResize = function () {this.layout.resize();}
            return pan;
watchFolderUI(this) ;

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