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Returns the exact percentage of width and gutter of a given number of boxes in a same row

How to use:

@include percentage-boxes(
// Required value     250,
// Number of columns   4,
// Total Real space   1200

Note: You'll need to give the values unitless, to proper convert from pixels to percentage.

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// M I X I N • P E R C E N T A G E • B O X E S

@mixin percentage-boxes( $box-width, $boxes-number, $total-space: 1200){

    $p-width: ($box-width / $total-space) * 100;
    $wi-sum: $p-width * $boxes-number;
    $wi-gutter: 100 - $wi-sum;
    $p-g-width: $wi-gutter / ($boxes-number - 1);

    width: $p-width * 1%;
    margin-right: $p-g-width * 1%;

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