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Andreas Spegel

Fast Leveling Profile Changer
by Andreas Spegel

DoWhen der zum nächsten Profil switched sobald der Char ein bestimmtes Level erreicht hat.

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        <!-- [Fast Leveling Profile Changer] -->
            <CustomBehavior File="Hooks\DoWhen" ActivityName="[Fast Leveling Profile Changer]" 
                                                UseWhen="AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetData(&quot;SwitchProfileWhenPossible&quot;) != null
                                                         &amp;&amp; Me.LevelFraction &gt;= 31.15
                                                         &amp;&amp; BotPoi.Current.Type != PoiType.QuestTurnIn
                                                         &amp;&amp; !new Frame(&quot;MovieFrame&quot;).IsVisible
                                                         &amp;&amp; !new Frame(&quot;CinematicFrame&quot;).IsVisible"
                                                AllowUseWhileFlying="true" AllowUseWhileMounted="true">                                                         
                <CustomBehavior File="Message" Text="[Fast Leveling Profile Changer] Plugin detected...Char is now LvL 31 (15%)...switch to next Profile" LogColor="Red" />
                <CustomBehavior File="RunCode" Code="AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetData(&quot;ClearQuestLog&quot;, true)" />
                <CustomBehavior File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="[H - Quest] [31-34] Southern Barrens [Spegeli]" RememberProfile="true" />
        <!-- [Fast Leveling Profile Changer] -->

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