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Andreas Spegel

Cancel Cinematic / Movies
by Andreas Spegel

Dieses Script cancelt Movies / Cinematics / Cutscenes.
Es gibt auch Movies / Cinematics / Cutscenes welche nicht gecancelt werden können, da wartet er dann einfach solange bis es vorbei ist.

Das ganze kann per DoWhen benutzt werden oder per normalen RunCode aufruf.

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        <!-- Cancel Cinematic / Movies -->
            <CustomBehavior File="RunCode" Type="Definition"><![CDATA[ 
                async Task skipCutscene()
                    Func <bool> isCutscene = () => (new Frame("MovieFrame").IsVisible || new Frame("CinematicFrame").IsVisible);
                    if (isCutscene())
                        Logging.Write(System.Windows.Media.Colors.Yellow, "[Profile]: Try to cancel Cutscene!");                         
                        Lua.DoString("if MovieFrame and MovieFrame:IsVisible() then MovieFrame:StopMovie() end if CinematicFrame and CinematicFrame:IsVisible() then CinematicFrame_CancelCinematic() end");
                        await Coroutine.Sleep(1000);
                    if (!isCutscene()) return;
                    Logging.Write(System.Windows.Media.Colors.Yellow, "[Profile]: Waiting for Cutscene to End!"); 
                    await Coroutine.Wait(100000, ()=> !isCutscene());
            <CustomBehavior File="Hooks\DoWhen" ActivityName="Skip Movie / Cinematic" 
                                                UseWhen="new Frame(&quot;MovieFrame&quot;).IsVisible || new Frame(&quot;CinematicFrame&quot;).IsVisible" 
                                                AllowUseDuringCombat="true" AllowUseWhileMounted="true" AllowUseWhileFlying="true" AllowUseInVehicle="true">
                <CustomBehavior File="RunCode" Code="await skipCutscene()" />                
        <!-- Cancel Cinematic / Movies -->
        <CustomBehavior File="RunCode" Code="await skipCutscene()" />
        <!-- Cancel Movie / Cinematic -->
            <CustomBehavior File="Hooks\DoWhen" ActivityName="Skip Movie / Cinematic" Command="Remove" />
        <!-- Cancel Movie / Cinematic -->

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