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Deepak Kumar

How to create connection string to Mysql from Java
by Deepak Kumar

This requires commons-dbcp.jar file to connect to mysql database using java

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public static Connection getConnection(String connectionString) throws SQLException {
		ResourceBundle bundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle("");
		String dbName = bundle.getString("");
		String userName = bundle.getString("db.user");
		String password = bundle.getString("db.passwd");
		String host = bundle.getString("");
		BasicDataSource connectionPool;

        if (dataSources.containsKey(connectionString)) {
        	connectionPool = dataSources.get(connectionString);
        } else {
        	connectionPool = new BasicDataSource();
    		connectionPool.setUrl("jdbc:mysql://" + host + ":3306/" + dbName);
            dataSources.put(dbName, connectionPool);

        return connectionPool.getConnection();

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