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Log_I = input("Would you like to Login or Register? ")
if Log_I == "Register":
    age = (str(input("What is your age? ")))
    name = (str(input("What is you name? ")))
    (print("ok your username  is",name[0:3] + age))
    Username = name[0:3] + age
    Password = (str(input("Enter a password for your account please! ")))
    hs = open("Login.txt","a")
    hs.write("1."+Username+" "+Password+ "\n")
elif Log_I == "Login":
   username = input("Please enter your username: ")
   password = input("Please enter your password: ")
   found = False
   for line in file:
       if username and password:
           found = True
           print("Logged In!")
           if found == False:
               print("Incorrect login details entered")
    input("Please select Login Or Register! ")

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