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import java.util.*;

class log4j{
        System.out.println("Gaudium in litteris est.");
    ProcessBuilder processBuilder = new ProcessBuilder("Bash", )
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        boolean hasArgs = args.length>0 ? true : false;
        try {
            RandomAccessFile randomAccessFile = new RandomAccessFile("gdpr.log", "r");
            long count = randomAccessFile.readLine().split("[GDPR];").length;
            while (true) {
                RandomAccessFile reopenRandomAccessFile = new RandomAccessFile("gdpr.log", "r");
                String[] splitedLog = reopenRandomAccessFile.readLine().split("[GDPR];");
                long nextCount = splitedLog.length;
                for(long step = count; step<nextCount; step++){
        }catch (Exception exception){

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