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#ifndef HashTable_hpp
#define HashTable_hpp

#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream>
#include "Utils.hpp"
using namespace std;
struct ZippedBookNode {
    // Book's title
    std::string title;
    // Book's body compressed and encoded in 0s and 1s according to Huffman encoding
    string c_excerpt;
    // Root of the huffman tree. Note that this is a HuffNode!
    // Where is the HuffNode decleared?
     //in utils.hpp
    // How can we access it? (look at the top of the file)
  // by using huffNode* xyz
    HuffNode* huff_root;
    // Pointer to the next node.
    // Why do we need this?-> to store value in hash table as linked list if it has same hashsum
    // What should it be initialized to?-> NULL
    ZippedBookNode* next;
    ZippedBookNode(std::string name, string e, HuffNode* hr, ZippedBookNode* n)

template <int ARRAY_LEN>
class HashTable {

    int getTableSize();
    int hashSum(std::string bookTitle);

    void insertNode(ZippedBookNode* node);
    void printTitles();
    ZippedBookNode* lookupTable[ARRAY_LEN];
    int tableSize;

#endif /* HashTable_hpp */

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