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A simple routine for insertion in a Binary search tree

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//coded by htp://

typedef struct Folha{
  char word[TMAX]; 
  int cnt;
  struct Folha  *l, *r; //left and right leaf

tipoArvore insere( char *X, tipoArvore T ){
  if( T == NULL ){   // create a sub tree
    T = malloc( sizeof( struct Folha ) );
    if( T == NULL )
      printf( "sem memoria\n");
      strcpy(T->word, X);
      T->e = T->d = NULL;
    if( strcmp(X,T->word)<0) // insert on left tree
      T->e = insere( X, T->l );
    if( strcmp(X, T->word)>0) // insert on rigth tree
      T->d = insere( X, T->r ); 
	if( strcmp(X, T->word)==0)
       T->cnt++;// count the word
  return T;  //return the tree

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