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<script type="text/javascript"> 
	a = 0;
	function kayanslider () {
		if (a == 1 ) {
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(4)").hide("slow") ;
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(0)").show("slow") ;
		}else if (a == 2) { 
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(0)").hide("slow") ;
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(1)").show("slow") ;
		}else if (a == 3) { 
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(1)").hide("slow") ;
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(2)").show("slow") ;
		}else if (a == 4) { 
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(2)").hide("slow") ;
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(3)").show("slow") ;
		}else if (a == 5) { 
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(3)").hide("slow") ;
			$ ("#kayanslider li:eq(4)").show("slow") ;
		a = 0 ; 

<style type="text/css"> 
ul,li{margin:0px; padding:0px; list-style-type:none;}
#kayanslider{ margin-bottom:10px;  }
#kayanslider li {display:none;}
   <ul id="kayanslider">			

			<li><img src="" width="165px" height="99px" alt="mustafa kemal üniversitesi" /></li> 

			<li><img src="" width="165px" height="99px" alt="gaziantep sanayi odası" /></li> 
			<li><img src="" width="165px" height="99px" alt="devlet hastanesi" /></li> 

			<li><img src="" width="165px" height="99px" alt="sahin" /></li> 

			<li><img src="" width="165px" height="99px" alt="gaziantp çocuk hastanesi" /></li> 


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