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Rename an Uploaded Image
by amr.mekkawy

This function is used to rename uploaded images. it replaces existing spaces with dashes and adds date and time (Unix Timestamp) to the end of the name as well

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# This function renames any uploaded image.
# It replaces spaces with dashes and add date and time to the end of image name as well
function rename_uploaded_image( $original_name ) {
    # if there are 3 spaces between words replace them with 1 dash
    $new_name = str_replace('   ', '-', $original_name);
    # if there are 2 spaces between words replace them with 1 dash
    $new_name = str_replace('  ', '-', $new_name);
    # if there is 1 space between words replace it with 1 dash
    $new_name = str_replace(' ', '-', $new_name);
    # get extension of the image
    # strrchr() function gets the portion of $new_name which starts at the last occurrence of "." and goes until the end of $new_name
    $extension_with_preceding_dot = strrchr( $new_name, "." );
    # get name of the image without the extension and the dot that preceding the extension
    $new_name_without_extension = substr( $new_name, 0, strlen( $new_name ) - strlen( $extension_with_preceding_dot ) );
    # add current Unix timestamp to the end of the image name to ensure that name of the uploaded image does not match anothe image name where you are going to store it
    # current Unix timestamp is number of seconds since the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT)
    $new_name = $new_name_without_extension . '_' . time() . $extension_with_preceding_dot;
    return $new_name;


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