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// echo print_r($location)."\n"; // remove the // for getting all the other api stuff

//echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."\n"; // remove this to test the website, is it showing the external ip-adress?

// load variables via print $location['api_stuff'];
// $currcode=print $location['geoplugin_currencyCode'];

// get the currency code
$currency=substr($currcode, 0, -1); // remove last character

// print $location['geoplugin_currencyCode']."\n";
// print $currcode."\n";

// if nicht EUR oder nicht GBP, then Ausgabe price GBP, else wenn EUR dann EUR else GBP

// $location['geoplugin_currencyCode'] != "EUR"

// if (( $location['geoplugin_currencyCode'] != "EUR" ) || ( $location['geoplugin_currencyCode'] != "GBP" ))
if (( $location['geoplugin_currencyCode']!="EUR" ) and ( $location['geoplugin_currencyCode']!="GBP" ))
		echo "Ausgabe GBP Ausland<br />";
	elseif ( $location['geoplugin_currencyCode']=="EUR")
		 echo "Ausgabe EUR<br>";
		echo "Ausgabe GBP<br>";

// if ( $location['geoplugin_currencyCode'] == "EUR" )

// print $currency."\n";


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