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Insync's target market has always been power and business users and Google Drive's release further confirms this.

While Insync supports multiple accounts, offline editing, external hard drive, context menu, recent changes, etc., Google Drive lacks all of these things for one simple reason: Google Drive is geared towards the average consumer.

With that, we are doubling down on Insync with the following "power" features:
+ selective sync (yes, it really is coming)
+ encrypted sync
+ sync any folder
+ native context menu (no more browser windows)
+ Picasa sync
+ Linux support

We are also going to fix 2 long standing bugs:
+ duplicates
+ random files in root

Furthermore, our mobile apps, which have been in testing mode, are scheduled to be released later this month and next.

Insync for Mac and Windows 1.0 will have the 2 bugs fixed and native context menu support; the other features will follow. Insync for web will be removed so that we can focus our resources on Insync for desktop, mobile and tablets -- no sense in competing with Google Docs web.

Business model

We will make money the old fashion way by asking you to pay a one-time fee. While we don't have exact pricing yet, the desktop app will include unlimited computer installs and unlimited Google accounts. The mobile apps will be sold in each platform's app store.

We have updated our homepage to reflect the changes:

Blog post about our announcement:

If you have any questions, just reply.

Terence Pua

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