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EXT JS combobox code example
by bansteatt84

The combo below uses the same data once again, but allows selecting multiple values.!/example/form/combos.html

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// Define the model for a State
Ext.regModel('State', {
    fields: [
        {type: 'string', name: 'abbr'},
        {type: 'string', name: 'name'},
        {type: 'string', name: 'slogan'}

// The data store holding the states
var store = Ext.create('', {
    model: 'State',
    data: states

// ComboBox with multiple selection enabled
var multiCombo = Ext.create('Ext.form.field.ComboBox', {
    fieldLabel: 'Select multiple states',
    renderTo: 'multiSelectCombo',
    multiSelect: true,
    displayField: 'name',
    width: 500,
    labelWidth: 130,
    store: store,
    queryMode: 'local'

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