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Mikes PHP MultiThreading Engine
by mburknoe

Let me start by saying that this isn't true MultiThreading. It's MultiProcessing, which in PHP is about as close as we can get while still keeping is simple and where everything works. You will find that it's quite powerful.

The basic concept consists of three players:
1. The Controller
This object is the master function that is responsible for determining what threads need to be created and creating them
2. The Thread
This object is the function that takes time and is run for many objects - It is created repeadidly by the controller
3. The Control-DB
This is how the controller and the threads talk to one another, and how we keep a good idea on what's happening during the process and what happened once the process is complete.

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foreach($objectsToThread as $current{

	// $current['Filename'] = $argv[1];
	// $current['Hostname'] = $argv[2];

	$log->LogInfo("<<< Creating thread event for $current[Filename] $current[Hostname] >>>");
	//ADD "> /dev/null 2>/dev/null &" for fire and forget :)
	shell_exec("php -f $current[Filename] $current[Hostname] > /dev/null 2>/dev/null &");


//Pull in the info from the controller

$current = array();
$current['Filename'] 	= $argv[1];
$current['Hostname'] 	= $argv[2];

//Do something with it

//Need to write this

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