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// If you want to ignore the uploaded files, 
// set $demo_mode to true;

$demo_mode = false;
$upload_dir = 'uploads/';
$allowed_ext = array('jpg','jpeg','png','gif');

if(strtolower($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']) != 'post'){
	exit_status('Error! Wrong HTTP method!');

if(array_key_exists('pic',$_FILES) && $_FILES['pic']['error'] == 0 ){
	$pic = $_FILES['pic'];

		exit_status('Only '.implode(',',$allowed_ext).' files are allowed!');

		// File uploads are ignored. We only log them.
		$line = implode('		', array( date('r'), $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $pic['size'], $pic['name']));
		file_put_contents('log.txt', $line.PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND);
		exit_status('Uploads are ignored in demo mode.');
	// Move the uploaded file from the temporary 
	// directory to the uploads folder:
	if(move_uploaded_file($pic['tmp_name'], $upload_dir.$pic['name'])){
		exit_status('File was uploaded successfuly!');

exit_status('Something went wrong with your upload!');

// Helper functions

function exit_status($str){
	echo json_encode(array('status'=>$str));

function get_extension($file_name){
	$ext = explode('.', $file_name);
	$ext = array_pop($ext);
	return strtolower($ext);

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